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SLA Alerts -


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SLA Alerts for Jira shows notifications at the top of your screen to inform you of expiring and expired breached and about to be breached (breaching) SLA timers
that might require your attention. Red notifications are shown when a SLA timer has expiredbeen breached. These SLAs have a
timer which has reached zero and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Yellow notifications are shown when a
SLA timer has reached a time specified by your administrator. These usually are issue where the SLA is close to
expiringbeing breached. You can navigate directly to these issues by clicking on the issue name in the notification header.
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It is also possible to have more then one alert. When this happens
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When there are multiple SLA timers that require your attention you'll see an arrow on the sides arrows to the side of the issuealerts.
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When you click on one of these arrows you'll open a dropdown containing the extra other alerts. This is a scrollable list through which you
can view the all active notifications.
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Note that depending If there are more than 5 alerts you can scroll through the list to few the other issues requiring your attention.

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Depending on the settings specified by your administrator you might see alerts for issues assigned to other
user too.