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Impersonation for Jira makes it easy to switch to different users to see what they see. Easily test workflows and permissions or provide support to your users by seeing what they see without having to know their account credentials.

Learn how to set up Impersonation for Jira or read how to get started.


  • Impersonating users: Impersonate different users to see what they see.
  • Master Impersonators: Allow users in a specified group to impersonate all users.
  • Group to Group impersonations: Allow certain groups of users to impersonate different groups.


Manage who can view the information displayed by CapulseCRM for Jira

Contact information of issue reporters stored in Capsule is viewable directly form Jira

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Keep your Capsule CRM up-to-date by adding and updating contact info from Jira

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Switch to different users from any screen to see what they see.

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The impersonation banner is a clear reminder to show that you're currently impersonating another user. Use the banner to quickly stop impersonation sessions.

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Quick and easy configuration allows you to specify which groups should be able to impersonate and who they can impersonate.

You can also configure the impersonation banner to your liking.

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