What is the impersonation banner?

The impersonation banner is displayed at the top of the screen when you start an impersonation session. The banner will show the name of the user you're currently impersonating and will allow you to stop the impersonation session by clicking on "stop impersonation".

You can change the color of the banner and the banner text to fit your environment's look and feel.

What happens if I disable the impersonation banner?

When the impersonation banner is disabled you won't see the banner at the top of your screen but the app will still function as normal. You can now stop impersonations by clicking on the stop impersonation icon in the Jira header.

Configuring the impersonation banner

  1. Go to "Manage apps" under the administration icon in the Jira header.

  2. Navigate to "Configure" under "Impersonation".

  3. Select whether you want to display the impersonation banner.

  4. Change the color of the banner and the banner text to your liking.

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