Install Service Desk Issue Reminders for Jira

  1. Go to the "apps section" of your Jira instance.

  2. Find "Service Desk Issue Reminders",  click "Buy now" to install the app. You can get a trial license by clicking on "Free trial".

  3. Go to "Manage apps" and check if the app is installed correctly.

Configure Service Desk Issue Reminders for Jira

Note that these settings can be overwritten on project level configuration. Once they are overwritten on project level the global settings will be ignored for that project.

  1. Navigate to "Configure" under "Service Desk Reminders".

  2. Set the required project role(s) to view issue reminders. Only reminders for projects where a user is assigned to one of the configured roles are visible to that user.

  3. Check 'Hide Issue Reminders when 0' if you want to hide the issue reminder when there are no issues a user needs to be reminded about.

  4. Check the "Issue Reminders redirect to project queues" field if you want the reminders to redirect you to the project queue page instead of a list of issues. Read more about the different redirection pages here.

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