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SLA Alerts for Jira will show users an alert at the top of their screen for issues where the SLA timer is about to be breached or has already been breached. Users can navigate directly to these issues by clicking on the issue name.

Alerts will only be shown for issues where the SLA timer isn't paused or completed yet. Usually the SLA alerts won't be removed until the breached SLA timer is paused or when the ticket is resolved but it's possible for your administrator to set a clear timer for SLA Alerts. If a clear timer has been set the alert will be removed after it has been displayed for the configured time.

If there are multiple alerts you'll see arrows pointing down on both sides of the notification. This indicates that there are multiple SLA alerts for you to look at.

If the arrows are present you can click on the notification to unfold it. You'll be able to scroll through a list of all alerts.

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