SLA Alerts for Jira Service Management shows alerts to service management users when a SLA timer on an issue has been breached or is about to be breached. Set the SLA timers that you want your users to be notified about and make sure you never breach a SLA again.

This is the free version of the SLA Alerts app which provides you the core of our app with some of the features we offer in the full version.
Please note that the Lite version will be unavailable from the marketplace starting the first of August 2021. If you want to continue to receive updates for the app, please consider the full version of the app.

Learn how to set up SLA Alerts for Jira or read how to get started.


  • Breached SLA alerts: Get notified about issues with SLA timers that are breached or are about to be breached.

  • Set alert times: Configure the SLA timers that users should be notified about and determine when they should start receiving alerts.


Get alerts for issues with SLA's that are about to be or have been breached.

Configure which SLA's should throw alerts when they should start.

Collapsable banner notifications show multiple SLA alerts without filling up your entire screen.


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