SLA Alerts for Jira Service Management shows alerts to service management users when a SLA timer on an issue has been breached or is about to be breached. Set the SLA timers that users need to be alerted for and configure when alerts should start appearing and who needs to receive them. Make sure you never breach a SLA again.

Learn how to set up SLA Alerts for Jira or read how to get started.


  • Breached SLA alerts: Get notified about issues with SLA timers that are breached or are about to be breached.

  • Set alert times: Configure the SLA timers that users should be notified about and determine when they should start receiving alerts.

  • Supervisor role: Assign a supervisor role that gets notified about all SLA timer that are breached.

  • Project specific alerts: You can specify SLA alerts on project level for project specific configurations.


Get alerts for issues with SLA's that are about to be or have been breached.

Configure which SLA's should throw alerts, who should receive SLA alerts and when alerts should start.

Collapsible banner notifications show multiple SLA alerts without filling up your entire screen.

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