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Improved Search for Jira replaces the existing search box at the top right of your Jira screen with a new search box. Using Improved Search for Jira you'll be able to find issues more reliably and use some of the functionalities of JQL without having to know JQL.

Learn how to set up Improved Search for Jira or read how to get started.


  • Accurate Search Results
    Get more accurate search results with the new search method.

  • Wildcard Search
    Add wildcards at the start of keywords or enable "Always wildcard" to add wildcards to all the keywords you're searching for.

  • Synonym Search
    Associate keywords to create synonyms and get search results for all specified keywords when searching for one of the associated keywords.

  • Find all project issues
    Retrieve all issues of a given project by entering the project key.

  • Jump directly to issues
    Enter an issue key and navigate to the issue directly as you're used to.

  • Limit results to a project
    Only find search results of a specific project.


Put quotes around your search queries to look for exact matches in single fields.

Synonym search makes it possible to create synonyms for often interchanged terms allowing for more accurate search results.

Your queries are automatically split resulting in more accurate search results. Your keywords can now be found across different fields.

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