What are master impersonators?

Master impersonators are users belonging to the group configured as master impersonator. All users of this group are able to impersonate any Jira user.

Usually the master impersonator group is set to be the jira administrators group as these users often need to check permissions, workflows or reported Jira issues and being able to see what their users see is a great help in testing.

How can I limit which users master impersonators can impersonate?

Master impersonators will always be able to impersonate every other user. If you don't want this to happen you'll have to limit who they can impersonate by creating a Group to Group impersonator.

Configuring Master Impersonators

  1. Go to "Manage apps" under the administration icon in the Jira header.

  2. Navigate to "Configure" under "Impersonation".

  3. Select a group to be the master impersonators.

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