What is Group to Group impersonation?

Group to group impersonation makes it possible to limit which users can start impersonation sessions and which users they are able to impersonate.

Jira administrators can configure specific user groups (Jira user groups) that should be able to impersonate a limited set of other users. This is done by selecting a user group to be the "impersonator group" and a set of user groups to be the "target groups". Users that belong to the "impersonator group" can impersonate any user that belongs to one of the "target groups" selected for it.

Configuring Group to Group impersonators

  1. Go to "Manage apps" under the administration icon in the Jira header.

  2. Navigate to "Configure" under "Impersonation".

  3. Click on the "Add impersonator" button at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Select an impersonator group and one or more target groups and click the "Save" button to add your new group to group impersonator.

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