What are comment restrictions for groups?

Comment restrictions for groups makes it possible to set different default comment restriction roles for specified user groups (Jira user groups). When a user is assigned to a group which has a group specific comment restriction role specified any comment they'll post will by default be restricted to the selected restriction role.

If a global or project default restriction role is set that comment restriction role will be ignored and the group specific comment restriction role will be applied instead.

How can I use comment restriction for groups?

Default comment restrictions for groups is a good way to automatically set comment restrictions for certain users when you are afraid of posting sensitive information in a public Jira installation. You can find an example use case here.

Configuring comment restrictions for groups

  1. Navigate to either the project configuration screen or the global configuration screen. You can read more about the difference between global and project settings here.

  2. Scroll down to the "Default Comment Restrictions for Groups" section and find the role you want to set as the default comment restriction and click "Manage groups".

  3. A new dialog will open asking you to fill in the groups that should have the selected role as their default comment restriction. Use the auto-complete search field to select the groups and click "Save".

  4. After saving you'll see the groups you've just added in the table. The default comment restriction role for users in these groups is now the project role they're listed behind.

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