Installing CapsuleCRM for Jira

  1. Go to the "apps section" of your Jira instance.

  2. Find "CapsuleCRM for Jira",  click "Buy now" to install the app. You can get a trial license by clicking on "Free trial".

  3. Go to "Manage apps" and check if the app is installed correctly.

Configuring CapsuleCRM for Jira

  1. Navigate to "Configure" under "CapsuleCRM"

  2. Add your CapsuleCRM Token.

    You can generate a token directly from your Capsule account via the Personal Access Tokens tab of the My Preferences > API Authentication Tokens page. You'll need to generate a token with read and write rights.

  3. Add the URL of your Capsule CRM.

    Make sure that the url includes https:// at the start!

  4. For each project category select a project role to determine who can view the CapsuleCRM panel. You can read about the role functionality here.

    If you don't want to show the CapsuleCRM panel on a project category you can leave set the selection field to "--".

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