The shortcut header

The shortcut header is a separate header at the top of the screen that can be filled with links to useful resources. Some examples would be: internal resources like guides or policies, frequently used tools or other environments.

Managing shortcuts

Adding shortcuts

You can add new shortcuts by clicking on the "Add Shortcut" button at the bottom of the shortcut list.

This will open the create shortcut dialog. Here you can create a new shortcut by adding a shortcut name and a URL.

Editing shortcuts

You can click on the "edit" button to open the edit dialog.

Here you can edit the shortcut and save the results.

Reordering shortcuts

You can drag and drop your shortcuts to rearrange the order in which they appear in the shortcut header.

Shortcut Configuration

Shortcut visibility

You can manage which users are able to view the shortcut header by adding groups. If you leave the field empty all logged-in users will be able to view the shortcut header.

Hiding the header

By default, users can choose to hide the shortcut header. This option can be turned off in the configuration screen by toggling off the "Hide Header" option. When turned off the shortcut header will always be visible.

Shortcut Header size:

You can use the "Shortcut Font Size" option in the configuration screen to manage how large the shortcut header is.

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